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The first Marín-Herrera Water Awards were presented posthumously by Arizona and Sonora to the families of late IBWC Commissioners Carlos Marín and Arturo Herrera. The solemn ceremony was held as part of the Border Governors’ Conference Drought Science Symposium held in San Diego, California during March 25-26, 2009.
Members of the Marín and Herrera families travelled from El Paso, Texas and Baja California Norte, Mexico to attend the ceremony.
Seated from right to left are Commissioner Marín’s son, and Commissioner Herrera’s wife, mother-in-law, sister and mother.
Martín Mexia, from the State of Sonora’s Water Commission, asks the audience to join in a standing ovation in recognition of the late Commissioners’ accomplishments and memory.
Also standing are April Herrera, Michael Marín and Plácido dos Santos (Arizona Water Institute).
Conference leader Jeanine Jones from the California Department of Water Resources (standing at left), accommodated the award ceremony into this Border Drought Science symposium. Participation of the Marín and Herrera families was facilitated by the Water Education Foundation (WEF) . Here, Plácido dos Santos from Arizona describes to the Herrera family members how future Marín-Herrera Water Awards will be presented jointly by Arizona and Sonora as part of the AMC/CSA Water Committee’s activities.