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The month of April was designated as Water Awareness Month with the intention of creating a culture of conservation and reducing the impact of drought on Arizona's natural resources, economy, and quality of life. The Arizona Department of Water Resources is committed to enhancing public awareness of the importance of water conservation and encourages Arizonans to practice a low-water use lifestyle. Visit for ideas on how to use water more efficiently and practice a low water-use lifestyle.

Information on the Committee Roster, and Meetings Schedule. 08/12/10 - 05/31/14
Click here for information regarding the Fourth Management Plan 02/08/12 - 05/31/14
CLICK HERE to view information regarding the Non-Indian Ag Priority CAP Water Reallocation Process - Final Process and Evaluation Criteria NOW AVAILABLE 09/05/12 - 06/30/14
A joint study between the Seven Basin States in the Colorado River Basin, Bureau of Reclamation and key water agencies identifies possible solutions to reduce projected water imbalances on the Colorado River 03/20/13 - 05/31/14
ADWR has established a stakeholder process to further discuss the proposed Enhanced Aquifer Management proposal. 09/27/13 - 05/31/14
Representatives T.J. Shope and Frank Pratt have formed a local water group that is tasked with examining the existing Assured Water Supply Rules as they relate to extinguishment credits in the Pinal AMA. 11/08/13 - 10/31/14
The rule amendment became effective on December 3, 2013 11/22/13 - 08/31/14
New application provides 3rd parties on-line portal to submit groundwater levels to the Department. 3rd party WLs are directly input into ADWR Ground Water Site Inventory (GWSI) database. 01/06/14 - 06/06/14
01/14/14 - 01/14/15
01/27/14 - 05/15/14
Final version of the newly updated Pinal AMA groundwater flow model report and model datasets are now available to download. 02/25/14 - 05/25/14
The Strategic Vision assesses current and projected demands and water supplies that have been identified in recent reports and provides potential strategies that will help Arizona meet its future needs. 01/14/14 - 05/14/14
January 17, 2014 ADWR adopted Substantive Policy Statement No. CR8: Policy and Procedures for Transferring an Entitlement of Colorado River Water 02/21/14 - 04/30/14
historical Release of Water From the Colorado River for Environmental Benefit 03/27/14 - 04/27/14
The new PrAMA model update report is available 04/16/14 - 05/16/14
04/18/14 - 06/02/14
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Submit groundwater levels to the Department through 3rd party on-line data portal. WLs are directly input into ADWR Groundwater Site Inventory (GWSI) database -
Click here to review the Departments DRAFT proposal of the final fee rulemaking package (PDF)


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Welcome!elcome to the Arizona Department of Water Resources, where our mission is to ensure a long-term, sufficient and secure water supply for the State. We hope you find this Web site provides you with easy access to information about the department, its programs and services.

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