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Water Management

GUAC Minutes: Tucson AMA

2009 Meetings

  • December 7th Adobe PDF icon Tucson Area Water Quality Overview; Draft 2010 Annual Arizona Water Banking Authority Plan of Operation; Presentation of Tucson AMA Water Resources Assessment
  • September 15th Adobe PDF icon Wells 55 Online Database Presentation; Conservation Program Activities Update; 2010 Groundwater Withdrawal Fee Rate Discussion/Recommendation; Pinal GUAC Recommendation for Modification of Pinal Assured Water Supply Rules
  • May 14th Adobe PDF icon Updates: on Aspects and Elements of the NW Area Water Providers CAP Reliability Feature
  • March 25th Adobe PDF icon Updates: Proposals for Extension of CAP Delivery Systems and Northwest Water Providers CAP Reliability Reservoir; Discussion of GUAC Advisement to ADWR on Fourth Management Plan Process
  • January 8th Adobe PDF icon Subsidence and Aquifer Storage Monitoring Activities

2008 Meetings

  • November 3rd Adobe PDF icon Arizona Water Banking Authority Draft 2008 Plan of Operation; Institutional Policy Advisory Group Update on Options for Storing Additional M&I Water in the Tucson AMA

  • September 26th Adobe PDF icon Arizona Water Banking Authority M&I Firming Opportunities; 2009 Withdrawal Fee; Update on ADWR 4th Management Plan Process
  • July 23rd Adobe PDF iconWater Resources Assessment and Water Use Trends; ADWR Conservation Program and 2008-2009 Plan
  • January 23rd Adobe PDF icon Evolution and Evaluation of the Active Management Area Management Plans

2007 Meetings

  • November 8th Adobe PDF icon Arizona Water Banking Authority 2008 Annual Plan of Operation; Proposed Modification to the Municipal Conservation Section of the Third Management Plan
  • August 24th Adobe PDF icon Election of GUAC Vice-Chair; 2008 Withdrawal Fee; Review of 2006 Water Use Data; USGA Aquifer Storage Change and Subsidence Monitoring
  • June 19th Adobe PDF icon CAWCD’s Conceptual Plans to Recover Stored Water; Legislative Summary; Tucson AMA Groundwater Level Maps
  • April 18th Adobe PDF icon Tucson AMA (& Douglas INA) Activity; Hydrologic Data Update
  • January 26th Adobe PDF icon CAWCD’s Planning for Recovery of Long-Term Storage Credits; Arivaca Watershed Educational Taskforce (AWET)

2006 Meetings

  • October 24th Adobe PDF icon Arizona Water Banking Authority Annual Plan of Operation for 2007; Proposed Municipal BMP Conservation Program Framework
  • August 30th Adobe PDF icon 2007 Withdrawal Fee recommendation; Review of AMA water use, storage and Arizona Water Banking Authority activity
  • May 24th Adobe PDF icon Drought Status and Responses; Update on Municipal Conservation Stakeholder Process
  • March 29th Adobe PDF icon Recommendation RE Use of Funds From Interstate Storage Agreement; Update on Municipal Conservation Stakeholder Process
  • January 27th Adobe PDF icon Pima County Conservation and Preservation Efforts; Proposal from San Xavier Allotees Association

2005 Meetings

  • November 21st Adobe PDF icon AWBA 2006 Plan of Operation; Colorado River Shortage Sharing; CAP M&I Subcontract Transfer Policy
  • September 16th Adobe PDF icon SAWUA Regional Proposal; “Smart” Irrigation Controller Study; “Drop your Water Use” Program; Withdrawal Fee
  • June 29th Adobe PDF icon IPAG State Demo Recommendation; ADWR Deputy Director Smith; Water Use Update
  • March 30th Adobe PDF icon AZ Water Settlement Act; EcoBA Analysis; Water Management Division Initiatives
  • January 31st Adobe PDF icon Use of CAP in Municipal Sector; IPAG Update

2004 Meetings

  • December 7th Adobe PDF icon USGS Subsidence & Aquifer Monitoring; ADWR Enhanced Monitoring; Issues for Governor Napolitano
  • November 10th Adobe PDF icon AWBA Annual Plan; Non-Indian Ag Pool Water; Water Budget
  • August 31st Adobe PDF icon Withdrawal Fee; AWBA Annual Plan; Drought Task Force; IPAG Storage Recommendations
  • June 15th Adobe PDF icon CAGRD Plan of Operation
  • May 12th Adobe PDF icon Upper San Pedro Evaluation; Election of Officers; SCAMA Rules; IPAG Update
  • April 16th Adobe PDF icon Assistant Director Holway; Well Rules; AWBA Storage for Water Management Benefit

2003 & Earlier Meetings


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