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Water Management

Management Plans

To assist in achieving the AMA management goals, a series of five management plans would be prepared between 1980 and 2025.  These plans contain progressively more rigorous management requirements for agricultural, municipal and industrial water users.  The five management plans cover the following years:


First Management Plan       1980 to 1990

Second Management Plan  1990 to 2000

Third Management Plan      2000 to 2010

Fourth Management Plan    2010 to 2020

Fifth Management Plan       2020 to 2025

Evaluation of the Active Management Area Management Plans
Prepared by the Arizona Water Institute

More than half-way into the 45-year period for meeting the goals of the Arizona Groundwater Management Act (GMA), ADWR will be developing the fourth of five management plans for each of the Active Management Areas (AMAs), as mandated by the Act.

This report provides an examination of the intended functions/purposes of the management plans relative to legislative intent, an evaluation of the management plan provisions to date from the perspective of ADWR staff and the regulated community, an assessment of the effectiveness of the management plans in meeting their goals, and suggestions of what stakeholders would like to see in future management plans.

It concludes with several key recommendations based on the implications of the study results. This project will assist ADWR as it moves forward with the development of the Fourth Management Plans. This evaluation provides a foundation for change in the approach and content of the final two management plans.

In order to facilitate the implementation of the findings of this study relating to determining the effectiveness of the conservation programs and initiating long-term regional water planning, the authors offer the following recommendations:

1: ADWR should provide water use data for all sectors on at least an annual basis. These data must be reported in a consistent format over time and across AMAs.

2: State of the AMA reports should be produced on a yearly or biennial basis.

3: ADWR should shift its focus to long-term water planning, but still maintain the current conservation programs.

4: The Augmentation and Recharge Program and the Central Arizona Groundwater Replenishment District rules need to be reviewed and updated to ensure fairness.

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Third Management Plans - Second Modification

On May 20, 2008, orders became effective adopting modifications to the municipal conservation programs of the Third Management Plans for the five Active Management Areas.

The Director adopted the modifications following public hearings held in each of the AMAs during the first week of March, 2008. To view the transcripts of the public hearings, the summary of hearings and findings, the Orders of Adoption and the actual modification language, click here.