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Water Management

Prescott AMA


Conservation Program

ADWR offers extensive information on conservation for the following sectors:

Conservation Requirements

Water providers located inside Arizona’s Active Management Areas (AMAs) are subject to regulatory requirements dictated by the Groundwater Code, including mandatory conservation requirements established in the Third Management Plan 2000-2010 and its modifications.

Requirements for municipal providers apply to those that serve more than 250 acre-feet of water per year for non-irrigation purposes. All providers are also required to submit a system water plan (consists of a water supply, conservation and drought plan) pursuant to Arizona Revised Statutes (A.R.S.) § 45-342 and annual report (A.R.S. § 632). 

For the municipal sector, undesignated water providers must join the Modified Non-Per Capita Conservation Program (MNPCCP), or, if remaining in the GPCD program (designated providers only), providers must meet per capita use targets or implement a series of stringent conservation practices. There are also requirements to minimize system losses and incentives to use non-groundwater supplies.


Modified Non-Per Capita Conservation Program

The Modified Non-Per Capita Conservation Program (MNPCCP) is a performance-based program that requires participating providers to implement water conservation measures that result in water use efficiency in their service areas. All large municipal providers (cities, towns and private water companies serving more than 250 acre-feet per year) that do not have a Designation of Assured Water Supply (DAWS) and are not regulated as a large untreated water provider or an institutional provider are required to participate.


Other Regulatory Agencies

Other state agencies also regulate water providers. The Arizona Department of Environmental QualityOffSite Icon and Arizona Corporation CommissionOffSite Icon websites offer more information. Counties, cities and towns may also have local regulations.

Low Water Use Plant Lists


ADWR Regulatory Plant Lists are used to regulate public medians and rights-of-way in Arizona’s five Active Management Areas (AMAs). Jurisdictions within some of the AMAs have officially adopted the local ADWR list and incorporated it into ordinances and design guidelines for development. The lists also serve as a non-regulatory resource for residents. The lists were developed independently with the assistance of plant experts from each AMA.

Non-regulatory Verde Valley List (not within the AMA)

Education Materials

The Prescott AMA is committed to promoting responsible water stewardship through education. See a list of water-education and conservation materials Acrobat Icon PDFs (9.11 KB) that are available for use by Prescott-area educators. For more information, contact us at [email protected].

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Regional Water Conservation and Education Programs


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