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Engineering and Permits


The Engineering and Permits Division allocates the right to use surface water resources in a fair and equitable manner; provides technical and administrative support to the adjudication court and Special Master; promotes, protects, and manages the rights and interests of Arizona’s water resources; and manages floodplains and dams in order to reduce loss of life and damages to property

The Engineering and Permits Division consists of two sections: Engineering and Water Rights.  The Engineering Section is divided into three programs: Dam Safety, Flood Warning and Floodplain Management.  The Water Rights Section consists of two programs: Permitting and Adjudications.  Both sections work closely together to meet statutory requirements described in the State Water Code (applicable portions of Arizona Revised Statutes)

Willow Springs

Willow Springs in Coconino County



Surface Water Org Chart



Dam Safety

The Dam Safety Program is responsible for the safety of all nonfederal dams in Arizona through the review of applications for proposed new dams, and monitoring of construction of new dams and repairs for existing structures.  Program personnel inspect and evaluate operating dams to determine if safety deficiencies exist and develop actions to remove those deficiencies.


  Rain Drop  Dam Safety Program


Flood Warning

The Flood Warning Program is responsible for assisting in the planning, design, and construction of flood warning systems.  Program personnel coordinate with local, state, and federal agencies during times of flood emergencies.


  Rain Drop  Flood Warning Program

Floodplain Management

The Floodplain Management Program collaborates with other state and local entities to administer the National Floodplain Insurance Program (NFIP), the Community Assistance Program, and the Map Modernization Program.  Floodplain Management personnel assist with the development of State Standards for floodplain management.


  Rain Drop  Floodplain Management Program





The Surface Water Right Program issues permits and certificates for rights to use surface water within the State of Arizona, excluding the Colorado River.  The program also manages and maintains accurate and updated surface water right registries.


  Rain Drop   Surface Water Right Program


Adjudication Support

The Adjudication Support Program provides technical and administrative support for the adjudication court and special master through investigation of claims for water rights and the processing of statements of claimants (SOCs).  By statute, ADWR is required to prepare and publish comprehensive hydrographic survey reports for each of the ten watersheds within the Gila River and Little Colorado River watersheds.  These HSRs are multivolume publications that involve intensive data collection and field inspection efforts such as land ownership information, hydrology, and factual basis for SOCs filed.  Also included are ADWR’s recommendations regarding the water rights attributes for each water right claim or investigated use.

Rain Drop  Adjudication Support


Groundwater Permitting and Wells


Rain Drop  Groundwater Permitting and Wells