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Some of the following documents are extremely large.  Please download them to your computer before reading them.  Click here for help downloading files to your computer for later viewing.

Downloading large documents is not recommended for those lacking a broadband internet connection.  Even with a high speed Internet connection, some of the larger files may take a few minutes to download.  Your computer may appear to freeze up during this time but is just processing the large amount of data.

Senate Report 108-360, Arizona Water Settlements Act

Technical Assessment of Gila River Indian Community Water Rights Settlement - 2006   (185MB)
Attention dial-up Internet users: The above file will take over 7 hours to download.

-- Appendix A - Settlement Agreement (638K)
-- Appendix B - Exhibits to Settlement Agreement (172MB)
Attention dial-up Internet users: The above file will take over 6 hours and 30 minutes to download.
-- Appendix C - Settlement Act (263K)
-- Appendix D - Gila Adjudication Filings (4.8MB)
-- Appendix E - Order for Special Proceedings (4.9MB)
-- Appendix F - State Legislation (46MB)
Attention dial-up Internet users: The above file will take over an hour and a half to download.
-- Appendix G - Expected Funding of Programs & Benefits (19K)
-- Appendix H - Statement of Claimants (254 MB)
Attention dial-up Internet users: The above file will take over 10 hours to download.
-- Appendix I  - GRIC Soil Surveys & Land Classifications (86K)

Gila River Indian Community water settlement - final version
        -- Amendment 1 to the settlement agreement (38K)

-- Application for order to approve Indian water rights settlement stipulation  (786K)
-- Stipulation setting forth terms of settlement (1.8MB)
-- Stipulation exhibits (4MB)
-- Order for special proceedings (1.6MB)
-- Notice of proposed settlement (1.1MB)


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