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Engineering and Permits


The Arizona Water Settlements Act, adopted by Congress:

  • Finalizes an agreement between the U.S. and Arizona for Central Arizona Project repayment obligations.
  • Settles water disputes between the Gila River Indian Community and all parties (including New Mexico parties); and

  • Settles pending litigation by the Tohono O'odham Nation

pdfSenate Report 108-360, Arizona Water Settlements Act pdf


Arizona Water Settlements Act 2004, Pub. Law 108-451

Title I. CAP Settlement Act

  • Final division of CAP water for Federal and non-Federal uses
  • Commitment of State to firm certain amounts of Federal CAP water
  • Reallocates 65,647 AF of M&I Priority CAP water to cities, towns and water companies.
  • Reallocates 197,500 AF of NIA Priority CAP water for present and future tribal settlements.
  • Reallocates up to 96,295 AF of NIA Priority CAP water (but retaining its low priority) to the ADWR Director to hold in trust and to make reallocation recommendations for M&I purposes to Arizona entities after 2010.

II. Gila River Indian Community Water Settlement

  • Tribal water Budget: 653,500 AF
  • Requires state law substantive changes
  • Southside Protection Plan

-- See attached Map pdf (746KB) and
-- Legal Descriptions of Protection Zones pdf (12KB)

  • Upper Gila River Valley Watershed Maintenance Program

 -- See attached Map pdf (702KB)

  • Leasing and Effluent Exchange
  • Full waivers and releases for water users subject to settlement agreement
  • GRIC Settlement Documents: pdf

-- Application for order to approve Indian water rights settlement stipulation
-- Stipulation setting forth terms of settlement
-- Stipulation exhibits
-- Order for special proceedings
-- Notice of proposed settlement

III. SAWRSA Amendments

  • Finalizes settlement reached in 1982, with tribal water budget of 76,000 AF
  • Requires state law substantive changes
  • San Xavier Groundwater Protection Plan
  • Mission mine tribal recharge authorization
  • Leasing Provisions

View Public Law 108-451 pdf


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