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Hydrology of the Kanab Plateau Basin

The Kanab Plateau Basin is characterized by high plateaus, plains and incised canyons.  The basin contains a flat-lying to gently sloping sequence of alternating sandstones, limestones and shales.  Groundwater is found in several aquifers composed of these sedimentary rocks, which are generally isolated and not hydraulically connected.  Water bearing units in the vicinity of Pipe Spring National Monument include alluvium, Navajo Sandstone, the Kayenta and Moenave formations, and the Shinarump Formation (Truini and others, 2004).  Groundwater also occurs in recent stream alluvium, including the Cane Beds area west of Moccasin. 

Within the sedimentary rock aquifers, faults act as conduits for vertical and lateral groundwater movement.  Major faults include the Toroweap and Sevier faults.  Regional groundwater flow direction, annual natural recharge rate and groundwater storage data are not available for the basin. The median well yield reported for ten large diameter (>10gpm) wells was 70 gpm.  Hydrographs are available for two basin wells - one completed in the Kayenta Formation at Moccasin, with a recent water level of 87 feet bls, and a second completed in “sedimentary rock” south of Fredonia with a recent water level of 611 feet bls (Figure 6.3-7). Elevated levels of TDS and lead have been measured at some well and spring sites (Table 6.3-7) although water quality is generally good for most uses.

For information on surface water hydrology in the Kanab Plateau Basin see Lower Colorado River Lees Ferry to Lake Mead Watershed

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Groundwater Conditions



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