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Water Resource Issues in the Upper Colorado River Planning Area - Planning and Conservation

Water resource issues have been identified in the Upper Colorado River Planning Area by community watershed groups, through the distribution of surveys, and from other sources.  Planning and conservation efforts, watershed groups and studies and results from water provider surveys are discussed in this section.

Planning and Conservation

Mohave County was the fastest growing county in Arizona between the 1990 and 2000 Census and proposed developments in the northwestern part of the planning area are causing concerns about the availability of water supplies to meet future needs.  Mohave County has indicated it will oppose developments without a demonstration of adequate water supply although it has not adopted the provision, authorized through legislation in 2007 (SB 1575), that would require a demonstration of adequacy.  General and comprehensive plans and the water supply plans mentioned in Section 4.0.5 help planning area jurisdictions and water systems better prepare for the challenges associated with rapid growth.

Black canyon

Black Canyon, Lake Mohave Basin

Lake Havasu City has had a water conservation plan for a number of years credited with reducing per capita water use.  Components include an increasing block rate water rate structure, low water use landscape requirements for certain lot sizes, no-turf policy for commercial, industrial and multi-family property and effluent reuse (Lake Havasu City, 2006).  The City of Bullhead City also has a water conservation program and has entered into subcontract agreements with the three water companies that serve water within the City to implement water conservation practices.  Practices include turf restrictions, an incentive program to use reclaimed water and leak detection and repair.  There is an incentive program to retrofit existing homes and commercial buildings with low-flow plumbing fixtures (USBOR, 2006c).  The City also offers a Landscape Rebate Program to convert grass to low water use plants.

The Hualapai Tribe has adopted several ordinances to protect water resources including a Water Resource Ordinance to ensure water quality, a Wetlands Protection and Preservation Ordinance, and a Drought Contingency Plan that establishes drought declaration criteria and identifies response actions (Hualapai Tribe, 2007).


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