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Water Adequacy Determinations in the Sacramento Valley Basin

Water adequacy determination information including the subdivision name, location, number of lots, adequacy determination, reason for the inadequacy determination, date of determination and subdivision water provider are shown in Table 4.9-10A and B for water reports and analysis of adequate water supply.  Designated water provider information is shown in Table 4.9-10C with date of application, date the designation was issued and projected or annual estimated demand.  Figure 4.9-11 shows the locations of subdivisions and designated providers keyed to the Table.  For a description of the Adequacy Program click here.  For adequacy determination data sources and methods see Volume 1, Appendix C.  For more information on adequacy determinations in the Sacramento Valley Basin see Section 4.0.5 - Population.

  • All subdivisions receiving an adequacy determination are in Mohave County.  Thirty-two water adequacy determinations have been made in this basin through December 2008. Of the 4,415 lots in 30 subdivisions for which lot information is available 1,200 lots, or 27%, were determined to be adequate.

  • The most common reason for an inadequacy determination was because the applicant chose not to submit necessary information and/or available hydrologic data was insufficient to make a determination.

  • Six Analysis of Adequate Water Supply applications for a total of 110,946 lots have been approved for this basin.

  • There are four designated water providers with a total projected or annual estimated demand of 7,434.86 acre-feet.  One provider, City of Kingman, does not have a projected or annual estimated demand.

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Sacramento Valley Basin

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Adequacy Determinations


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