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Perennial/Intermittent Streams and Springs in the Donnelly Wash Basin

The locations of perennial and intermittent streams are shown on Figure 3.4-5.  There are no identified major or minor springs in this basin.  Descriptions of data sources and methods for intermittent and perennial reaches and springs are found in Volume 1, Appendix A.  Additional information on surface water in this basin can be found in Section 3.3.4 - Surface Water Conditions and Section 3.0.2 - Surface Water Hydrology.

  • There are two perennial streams in this basin, the Gila River and Box Canyon. Flow in the Gila River is controlled by releases from Coolidge Dam to meet legal obligations.

  • There are a number of intermittent streams in the northern portion of the basin.

  • The total number of springs identified by the USGS varies from 12 to 14, depending on the database reference.

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Click for Table 3.4-2 Springs in the

Donnelly Wash Basin

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Click for Figure 3.4-5 Donnelly Wash Basin

Perennial/Intermittent Streams and Major (>10 gpm) Springs


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