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Geography of the Duncan Valley Basin

The Duncan Valley Basin is a relatively small, 550 square mile basin on the eastern edge of the planning area.  Geographic features and principal communities are shown on Figure 3.7-1.  The basin is characterized by mid-elevation mountain ranges and Chihuahuan desertscrub, semi-desert grassland and madrean evergreen woodland vegetation. (see Figure 3.0-9)  Riparian vegetation includes tamarisk and mesquite on the Gila River.

Principal geographic features shown on Figure 3.7-1 are:

  • Gila River, flowing north from New Mexico in the vicinity of Duncan and exiting the basin west of Guthrie

  • Cold Creek, Linden Creek, Apache Creek and Bitter Creek northeast of Duncan

  • The Peloncillo Mountains west of Duncan along the basin boundary

  • Big Lue Mountains along the northern boundary, which include the highest point in the basin, Maverick Hill 7,488 feet

  • The lowest point at approximately 3,400 feet where the Gila River exits the basin

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Geographic Features


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