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Water Adequacy in the Upper San Pedro Basin

Water adequacy determination information including the subdivision name, location, number of lots, adequacy determination, reason for the inadequacy determination, date of determination and subdivision water provider are shown in Table 3.13-9A and B for water reports and analysis of adequate water supply.  Designated water provider information is shown in Table 3.13-9C with date of application, date the designation was issued and projected or annual estimated demand.  Figure 3.13-12 shows the locations of subdivisions and designated providers keyed to the Table. For a description of the Adequacy Program click here.  For adequacy determination data sources and methods see Volume 1, Appendix A.  For more information on adequacy determinations in the Upper San Pedro Basin see Section 3.0.5 - Population.

  • All lots receiving an adequacy determination are in Cochise County.  Two hundred and two water adequacy determinations have been made through December 2008. Of the 24,923 lots in 201 subdivisions for which lot information is available, 18,218 lots, or 73%, were determined to be adequate.

  • In 1984, the Department began issuing determinations of inadequate water supply in the Sierra Vista Sub-basin due to lack of legal availability.  At that time, the Gila River adjudication drew into question whether water withdrawn from certain wells would be considered groundwater or surface water.  In 1993, the Department reexamined its position and determined that legal availability is based on the current legal right to use the water, and not on an adjudication determination that has yet to be made.  Therefore, since 1993, the Department has not issued determinations that water supplies are inadequate in the Sierra Vista Sub-basin solely for lack of legal availability related to the possible future decisions in the Gila River adjudication.

  • Other reasons for an inadequacy determination were because the applicant chose not to submit necessary information and/or available hydrologic data was insufficient to make a determination and water quality. 

  • Eight analyses of adequate water supply, for a total of 7,220 lots, have been issued in this basin. 

  • There are two designated water providers, Bachman Springs Utility Company and City of Benson.  Total projected or annual estimated demand for the two providers is 14,686 acre-feet.

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Click to view Table 3.13-9 Adequacy Determinations in the Upper San Pedro Basin

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Click to view Figure 3.13-12 Upper San Pedro BasinAdequacy Determinations



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