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Perennial/Intermittent Streams and Springs in the Little Colorado River Plateau Basin

Major and minor springs with discharge rates and date of measurement, and the total number of springs in the basin are shown in Table 2.1-5. The location of major springs is shown on Figure 2.1-6, keyed to Table 2.1-5A. For a description of data sources and methods for intermittent and perennial reaches click here and for spring data sources and methods click here. Additional information on surface water in this basin can be found in Section 2.1.4 - Surface Water Conditions and Section 2.0.2 - Surface Water Hydrology.

  • Perennial streams are found at higher elevations in the basin. The Little Colorado River, the major drainage in the basin, flows perennially only in areas near the headwaters and below Silver Creek.
  • On tribal lands data were insufficient to determine if streams are intermittent or perennial. 
  • There are 70 major springs with a measured discharge of 10 gallons per minute (gpm) or greater at any time.
  • Listed discharge rates may not be indicative of current conditions. Many of the measurements were taken prior to 1990. Only 14 major and 13 minor spring measurements post-date 1990.
  • Greatest discharge rates were measured in the far southeastern corner of the basin at the headwaters of Silver Creek (Silver, 3,648 gpm), south of Saint Johns (Salado, 1,730 gpm), east of Pinetop (Big, 1,211 gpm) and near Concho (Concho, 1,120 gpm). Most of the other major springs are located in this area. A cluster of major springs is also located in the vicinity of Tuba City and the Hopi community of Moenkopi.
  • More than three quarters of the major springs discharge less than 100 gpm.
  • Springs with measured discharge of 1 to 10 gpm are not mapped but coordinates are given in Table 2.1-5B. 160 minor springs have been identified in the basin.
  • The total number of springs identified by the USGS varies between 1,222 to 1,305, depending on the database reference.

Table 2.1-4 Springs

Click for Table 2.1-5 Springs in the Little Colorado River Plateau Basin

Figure 2.1-5 Springs

Click for Figure 2.1-6 Little Colorado River Plateau Basin Perennial/Intermittent Streams and Major (>10 gpm) Springs


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