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Perennial/Intermittent Streams and Springs in the Tonto Creek Basin

Major and minor springs with discharge rates and date of measurement, and the total number of springs in the basin are shown in Table 5.3-5.  The locations of major springs and perennial and intermittent streams are shown on Figure 5.3-6.   Descriptions of data sources and methods for intermittent and perennial reaches and springs are found in Volume 1, Appendix A.  Additional information on surface water in this basin can be found in Section 5.3.4 - Surface Water Conditions and Section 5.0.5 - Surface Water Hydrology.

  • Perennial streams in this basin include Tonto Creek, Haigler Creek, Spring Creek, Dell Shay Creek, Houston Creek, Christopher Creek and Greenback Creek.

  • There are numerous intermittent streams located throughout the basin.

  • There are 10 major springs with a measured discharge of 10 gallons per minute (gpm) or greater at any time.  The largest discharge rate is 1,291 gpm at Tonto spring.

  • Springs with measured discharge of 1 to 10 gpm are not mapped but coordinates are given in Table 5.3-5B.  There are seven minor springs identified in this basin.

  • Listed discharge rates may not be indicative of current conditions.  Only six springs have measured discharges in the past decade.

  • The total number of springs, regardless of discharge, identified by the USGS varies from 169 to 175, depending on the database reference.

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Click for Table 5.3-5 Springs in the Tonto Creek Basin

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Click for Figure 5.3-6 Tonto Creek Basin Perennial/Intermittent Streams and Major (>10gpm) Springs


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