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Land Ownership in the Upper Hassayampa Basin

Land ownership, including the percentage of ownership by category, for the Upper Hassayampa River Basin is shown in Figure 5.4-2.  The principal feature of land ownership in this basin is the relatively large portion of state trust land. A description of land ownership data sources and methods is found in Volume 1, Section 1.3.8.  More detailed information on National Parks, Monuments and Wilderness Areas is found in Section 5.0.4.  Land ownership categories are discussed below in the order of percentage from largest to smallest in the basin.

State Trust Land

  • 38.3% of the land in this basin is held in trust for the public schools and three other beneficiaries under the State Trust Land system.

  • State land is located throughout most of the basin.  In the western portion of the basin state land is contiguous and in the remainder of the basin it is interspersed with private and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) lands.

  • Primary land use is grazing.

National Forest

  • 24.7% of the land is federally owned and managed by the United States Forest Service (USFS).

  • Forest lands in the basin are part of the Prescott National Forest.

  • The basin contains one National Forest wilderness area, the 25,536-acre Castle Creek Wilderness.  (see Figure 5.0-13)

  • All forest lands are in the northern portion of the basin and contain numerous private in-holdings.

  • Land uses include recreation, grazing and timber production.

Click to view 5.4-2

Click to view Figure 5.4-2 Upper Hassayampa Basin

Land Ownership

U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM)

  • 20.7% of the land is federally owned and managed by the Hassayampa Field office of the BLM.

  • Large, contiguous parcels of BLM lands are located in the center of the basin.

  • The basin includes the 11,840-acre Hassayampa River Canyon Wilderness Area. (see Figure 5.0-13)

  • Land uses include recreation and grazing.


  • 16.2% of the land is private.

  • Private land is located throughout the basin interspersed with state, BLM and National Forest lands.  Larger portions of private land are located in the vicinity of Wickenburg and along Wagoner Road.

  • Land uses include domestic, commercial and ranching.

Other (Game and Fish, County and Bureau of Reclamation Lands)

  • 0.1% of the land is owned and managed by the City of Wickenburg as local parks.
  • Primary land use is recreation.


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