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Statewide Planning

Statewide Water Advisory Group


Upcoming SWAG Meetings

"This is to informs the public that the Department of Water Resources (ADWR) on the upcoming SWAG Meetings. "


Past SWAG Meetings

"This is to informs the public that the Department of Water Resources (ADWR) on the Past SWAG Meetings. " .pdf

04/17/09 Meeting Agenda        
01/23/09 Meeting Agenda WIFA Rule Update Updated Rule Timeline    
10/15/08 Meeting Agenda ADWR Legislative Concepts WIFA Loan Program Concept WSDRF SWAG Presentation
11/30/07 Meeting Agenda        
09/07/07 Meeting Agenda SB1575 Power Point SB1575 Work Shop    

Meeting Agenda

Bill Status Water Information for Well Owner    
03/09/07 Meeting Notice

SWAG Bill Status

Describtion of Amendments

Senate Bill 1575

Senate Bill 1638

Proposal-Well Information

Upper San Perdo

02/16/07 Meeting Notice        

Meeting Agenda

Realtors' Comments

Upper San Perdo District

Information for Well Owner

Water Development Fund

Water Adequacy

Well Impact

12/11/06 Meeting Notice

Water Development Fund

Sierra Vista Pilot District

WIFA Board of Directors

Water Supply Adequacy

Overlay District Passes - Sierra Vista Herald  

Meeting Agenda

Water Development Fund Adequacy Proposal

Proposition 207 -

Land Use Law


Meeting Agenda

Director's Tour

Director's Presentation

Cost Estimates

Development Fund

Subcommittee Members

WIFA Statute
09/22/06 Meeting Notice        
09/08/06 Meeting Notice Straw Proposal WIFA Presentation    
08/18/06 Meeting Notice Data Collection - Tom Carr Meeting Summary    
08/04/06 Meeting Notice 'Straw' Proposal Water Adequacy Exempt Wells  
07/21/06 Growth and Water Presentations Growth and Water Presentations Water Supply Development    
07/07/06 Meeting Agenda SWAG Workshop Proposal Meeting Summary    

Fiancial Assistance

Funding Fairs

Safe Water Initiative

2004 Water Desalination

Final Desalination Grants - 2005

Prop. 12 Summary

Prop. 13 Summary by Agency

Prop. 50 Language

Prop. 204 Summary by Agency

Colorado Drinking Water Revolving Fund Water Project Financing Water Project Loan Program    
Utah Water Development Programs        

Meeting Agenda

Meeting Summary

Saint John - Round Valley

The Nature Conservancy

Santa Cruz Valley Water District

Pina County Augmentation Authority

Mohave County Water Authority


Meeting Agenda

Meeting Summary

Payson - Mogollon


Upper Gila - Safford


Meeting Agenda

Meeting Summary

Draft Proposed Process

Cochise - Upper San Pedro Basin


Meeting Agenda

Meeting Summary

Draft Proposed Process