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Arizona Drought Preparedness Plan and Annual Preparednesss Reports

Realizing the need for drought preparedness in Arizona, a Governor's Drought Task Force was created in 2003 and the Arizona Drought Preparedness Plan developed. The principal intent of the Arizona Drought Preparedness Plan was to establish a flexible framework to refine our drought monitoring process, our understanding of drought impacts, and our mechanisms for limiting future vulnerability. The plan was adopted in 2004 and its continued implementation ordered in 2007 (EO2007-10).

The Arizona Department of Water Resources prepares an Arizona Drought Preparedness Annual Report that covers the drought conditions and preparedness activities for the water year (October 1 - September 30), and is sent to the Governor's office by mid-November.

The most urgent need for drought planning is in the growing communities in the rural parts of the state, where alternative water supplies are generally very limited and the economy is strongly affected by drought (particularly grazing, recreation, tourism, and forestry-related sectors). There is also a need for improved drought preparedness on public land, including wildfire and habitat protection.

Annual Drought Preparedness Water Year Reports (October 1 - September 30)

2004 Arizona Drought Preparedness Operational Drought Plan

Background Impact Assessment Section- 2004

Statewide Water Conservation Strategy- 2004


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