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Water Planners and Providers

This section is designed to assist water resource planners and providers in establishing and implementing effective water conservation strategies.  It provides information on water waste ordinances, rate structures, water metering, leak detection, presentations and much more.

Modified Non-Per Capita Conservation Program

The foundation of this AMA regulatory program includes a basic water conservation public education program and an array of best management practices to improve water use efficiency.  A variety of forms and resources are available to assist providers in selecting best management practices appropriate to their service areas.

Get Started with Basic Water Conservation Education: Tips for Water Providers Acrobat Icon PDFs (778 KB)
Customers who receive conservation education are more likely to reduce their water use and support their water provider’s conservation efforts. This fact sheet describes activities and examples of ways to inform customers about the importance of efficient water use and provide them with free water conservation materials.

Developing Ordinances to Prohibit Fugitive Water from Irrigated Landscapes Acrobat Icon PDFs (686 KB); Word Document WORD Icon (3 MB)

In Arizona, a significant portion of outdoor water use is applied to the landscape. These guidelines provide examples of the kind of information needed to develop an ordinance that prohibits water waste from landscape irrigation, also referred to as fugitive irrigation water.  Information regarding other sources of outdoor water waste is also provided.

Developing Conservation-based Water Rate Structures for Communities Acrobat Icon PDFs (66 KB)

Water rates play an important role in communicating the value of water to customers. Planning water rates accordingly helps to promote long-term water-use efficiency.  These guidelines outline different types of conservation-based water rate structures and gives examples and benefits of each.

Metering Water

In order to effectively save water, planners and providers must first understand the water-use practices of their customers.

Leak Detection Patch the Pipe Logo

  • Arizona's Patch the Pipe - Leak Detection Program Acrobat Icon PDFs (147 KB)
    This ADWR program uses state-of-the-art digital leak-detection equipment, including magnetized loggers and a noise correlator, to pinpoint leaks. The program is available to municipalities, cities, and towns. Equipment, training, and trained staff may be available in your area. Please contact us to learn how your community can save water by participating in the Patch the Pipe program.


RinseSmart LogoArizona's RinseSmart Pre-rinse Spray Valve Program Acrobat Icon PDFs (269 KB)

This ADWR program replaces high-water-use, low-pressure pre-rinse spray nozzles with low-water-use, high-pressure spray valves. Higher pressure nozzles use half as much water as the standard nozzles. When older nozzles are replaced, eateries can achieve both water and energy savings. Results from other programs have shown savings for small restaurants averaging 50,000 gallons per year!


Communities around the state are partnering with ADWR to implement this program. Please contact us to learn how your community can participate in this exciting new program!


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