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Water Conservation Activities and Resources for Students



KIDS Booklets Collage, Photos


Visit the following pages to explore ADWR's activities and games for students:



ADEQ Enviro-Kids Canyon, Graphic

ADEQ Enviro-Kids CanyonOffSite Icon

The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality OffSite Icon offers an interactive website that provides games, activities, and trivia regarding water, air quality and recycling. The site also includes information for parents and teachers.


State of Arizona, Graphic


Governor Ducey's Kid's Page

The state's Kid's PageOffSite Icon offers games, coloring books, word games and information on Arizona history, wildlife and natural wonders.


Arizona Municipal Water Users Association (AMWUA)

AMWUA's Water in Our Desert CommunityOffSite Icon is an instructional resource for people who care about water and the Sonoran Desert. Funded by a grant from the Arizona Department of Water Resources, the goal of the materials is to provide students and teachers with information about central Arizona's water supply, water demand and the importance of wise water management in the Desert Southwest. This unit should strengthen the teachers' and students' awareness of the social, economic and environmental impact water management has on all water users in Arizona.


Central Arizona Project (CAP) - H2O4U

CAP's H2O4UOffSite Icon is an interactive, online educational game for middle school and high school students.

Participants who complete the entire game will be entered in a drawing to win $1,000 education scholarships to the university or technical school of their choice.


Salt River Project (SRP)

Visit SRP's Just for KidsOffSite Icon page for interesting facts on the desert's most precious resource.



EPA Flow, Animation


Water Cycle

The EPA's animated Thirstin's Water CycleOffSite Icon shows how water moves through the hydrologic cycle. Concepts include precipitation, aquifers, vapor and clouds.


Kid's Club

The EPA's Kids Page on Water OffSite Icon teaches kids how to care for this important resource.



Thirsty for Knowledge?  Let's learn about water!  Visit the WaterSense Kids page OffSite Icon for games, trivia and tips on how to save water.

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