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Water Conservation Education and Outreach

“In the end we will conserve only what we love. We love only what we understand. We will understand only what we are taught." 

~ Baba Dioum, Sengalese environmentalist, 1968


The Arizona Department of Water Resources believes in lifelong learning and is committed to promoting responsible water stewardship through education. ADWR supports partnerships, sponsors educator workshops, and participates in educational events in an effort to bring quality water education programs to Arizona.


The links below provide water education information that will assist students, educators and other adults in learning about water in Arizona and discovering why
it is so important to protect this crucial resource.




In Arizona’s Active Management Areas (AMAs), water providers regulated under the Modified Non-Per Capita Conservation Program are required to provide basic water conservation education programs for their customers. These water providers must also select and implement best management practices (BMPs) related to their service area characteristics. The list of 53 BMPs includes seven categories, one of which, Education and Training, includes the following five BMPs:

  • Adult education and training
  • Youth conservation education
  • New homeowner landscape information
  • Xeriscape demonstration garden
  • Distribution plan for water conservation materials

Education Collage, Photos

Spotlight on Conservation


With support from ADWR since 2001, Arizona Project WetOffSite Icon has

created an Arizona-specific curriculum guide, conducts work-shops for educators, offers Make a Splash water festivals, coordinates school water audits, and provides classroom-ready, water-education materials for students and teachers around the state.

ADWR believes that it is important for all water providers to provide basic water conservation education for their customers, regardless of their level of regulation by the state.


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