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Commercial, Industrial & Institutional Home Page

"The least expensive gallon of water for tomorrow

is the one we save today."


In Arizona, approximately 15% of the water supply is for commercial, industrial and institutional uses. This includes water used by commercial buildings, hospitals, schools, golf courses, parks, power plants, and other industries.  Some of these entities receive municipal water supplies, while others have rights to wells and pump their own water. Arizona businesses, industries and institutions are encouraged to conserve the water they use, whether or not they are regulated by state law.


Businesses, industries, and institutions located inside Arizona’s Active Management Areas (AMAs) are subject to regulatory requirements described in the Third Management Plan and its modifications.  In the AMAs, facilities, turf-related properties, and industries that have their own groundwater rights are defined as industrial water users. See the Summary of ADWR Conservation Requirements for Industrial Users for more information.

The Conservation Tools for Facility Managers section is designed to assist facility managers in establishing and implementing effective water conservation strategies for the buildings and landscapes they manage. It provides information about planning, audits, and technologies for facilities.

Requirements for solar power plants differ depending on the location of the

proposed facility and the proposed water source. See Water Management Requirements for Proposed Solar Power Plants in Arizona for more information.

Other businesses, industries, and institutions located outside AMAs may not have mandatory conservation requirements other than what may be required by other state agencies such as the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality and Arizona Corporation Commission, or by the counties, cities or towns in which they are located.  Their websites offer more information.


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Spotlight on Conservation

The Palo Verde Nuclear Power PlantOffSite Icon, located 50 miles west of Phoenix, is the only nuclear energy facility in the world that uses treated sewage effluent for cooling water. The plant receives effluent from several area municipalities to meet its cooling water needs, recycling 20 billion gallons of wastewater each year.

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