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Statewide Planning


ADWR Conservation Program

Water is an essential resource in our lives and economy. Using it more efficiently is a responsibility of all Arizonans and a critical element in Arizona’s long-range plan for securing a sufficient water supply.

By supporting a "culture of conservation" in Arizona, ADWR is helping citizens, businesses and communities become better water stewards.

ADWR’s Conservation Program promotes and encourages the wise use of water by providing education and outreach, community assistance, program development, water-efficient technologies and conservation tools throughout the state.


ADWR Drought Program

Drought is a prolonged period of below-average precipitation severe enough to negatively impact the environment and human activities. Arizona is especially sensitive to drought, since water is scarce here even during average years, and population growth continues to increase our demand for water. Drought can impact domestic water supplies, ranching and farming production, vegetation, forest health and wildlife populations.

The current drought that began in the late 1990s is cause for concern and continues to stress Arizona’s resources. However, proper planning for drought can greatly reduce its impacts on our natural resources, our economy, and our quality of life. ADWR’s Drought Program coordinates drought preparedness and response activities through monitoring, state agency coordination, and facilitation of local-level planning.