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  Spotlight on Community Water Planning

ADWR is featuring several system water plans submitted last year to assist small providers with their plan development. We received nearly 200 plans in 2006 and 2007, and there were many different types of plans that met our requirements. The submittals varied greatly based on the size of the system, ownership of system, resources available, and legal authority to implement drought and conservation management measures.

We are aware that each water provider faces a unique set of challenges when developing their plan. Those posted below are provided to give you ideas to consider, but they are not intended to represent "ideal" plans. They were selected because they contained good ideas for drought and conservation planning, met our requirements, and were organized in a clear and understandable fashion.

To give you varying levels of complexity and several different providers' plans to view, we have selected specific components from each system water plan. Please note that we have posted only drought preparedness plans and water conservation plans (no water supply plans).

The system water plan form was developed based on our reviews of plans submitted in the past. The form captures what we determined to be the key components of a good system water plan. We highly recommend that you use the provided form on the CWS webpage for submitting your plan.


Water Conservation Plans Drought Preparedness Plans
Golden Valley County District City of Prescott
Town of Payson Somerton Municipal Water System
AZ Water Company - Sierra Vista Metro Water District
Town of Taylor Town of Taylor