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Concerns and Complaints


The Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR) was created to serve the citizens of Arizona by managing water resources for today and the future.  Part of this service will always entail responding to complaints and issues raised by the public.  The ADWR strives to appropriately respond to each complaint in a timely manner.  Listed below are common complaints received by ADWR. 


Groundwater Pumping Outside of Active Management Areas

Groundwater use outside of the five Active Management Areas (AMAs) and three Irrigation Non-Expansion Areas (INAs) is subject to far fewer conditions than groundwater use inside the AMAs and INAs.  Please read the linked information to learn more. Click here for more information.


Shared wells 

Well sharing agreements (which are not regulated by ADWR) can cause significant and potentially costly conflicts between property owners.  If you are considering entering a shared well agreement, please read the linked information and carefully consider all available options. Click here for more information.


Well Registration vs Well Ownership

The ADWR does not have the authority to determine actual ownership of a well, nor does ADWR adjudicate disputes between parties over well ownership. The ADWR is required by law to maintain a registry of all wells within the state.  Please note that the information available via ADWR’s well registry database is simply a record of registration numbers for existing and abandoned wells in the State of Arizona.  The well registry information on file does not necessarily reflect the actual owner of a well.  Should you have a dispute over well ownership, such a dispute is a purely civil matter and may require arbitration or litigation to resolve.



If your concern is not addressed above, or if after reviewing these materials you believe that a violation of rule or law has occurred, you may file a complaint online by clicking here.

A PDF copy of the Complaint Form is available here.

For questions, please call 602-771-4782.