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ADWR Contact Information

Office of the Director
(602) 771-8426
Thomas Buschatzke, Director
Lynne Smith, Deputy Director
(602) 771-8426
Doug Dunham, Legislative Liaison & Ombudsman
(602) 364-2650
Doug MacEachern, Communications Administrator
Michelle Moreno, Public Information Officer
(602) 771-8530
Gina Culverhouse, Continuous Improvement Manager
  Human Resources
  Lupe Beimer, Human Resources Administrator (602) 771-8505
  Legal Division  
  Kenneth Slowinski, Chief Counsel (602) 771-8472
  Finance and Administration  
  Scott Selin, Finance and Administration Manager (602) 771-8508
Colorado River, Other Interstate and International Waters
  Clint Chandler, Assistant Director (602) 771-8659
Promotes, protects and manages Arizona’s entitlement of 2.8 million acre-feet annually of Colorado River water, consults on the allocation of the entitlement with the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, monitors and coordinates compliance with the national Environmental Policy Act and the Endangered Species Act as they affect the Colorado River and Arizona’s interstate rivers and streams. Monitors use of other interstate rivers as it affects Arizona. Participates in binational efforts related to water use and the nation of Mexico, including supporting efforts of the director with the Arizona/Mexico Commission
Water Planning
  Clint Chandler, Assistant Director (602) 771-8659
  Theresa Johnson, Administrative Assistant (602) 771-3974
The Water Management Division implements Arizona’s Groundwater Code through managing groundwater in five (5) critical groundwater areas called Active Management Areas (AMAs). It does this through a variety of permits, including Assured and Adequate Water Supply, recharge and recovery, groundwater withdrawal and general industrial use, well construction, and licensing for well drillers; and planning for renewable supplies through a vigorous conservation and drought preparedness program and assessment of future groundwater use.

Tribal Issues and Statewide Strategic Planning

  Gerry Walker (602) 771-8511
  Karen Modesto (602) 771-7705

Active Management Areas

  Jeff Tannler, Statewide AMA Director (602) 771-8424
  Ryan Jackisch, Industrial Planner (602) 771-8512
  Amy Levy (602) 771-8617
  Tana Zachreson (602) 771-8610

Assured and Adequate Water Supply & Recharge Section


The Assured and Adequate Water Supply program coordinates the application process for assured and adequate water supply determinations. The Recharge program coordinates Underground Storage Facility Permits, Recovery Well Permits, Water Storage Permits, and Long-Term Storage Credits.


  Richard Obenshain, Interim Manager (602) 771-8622
  Lou Bota, Hydrologist (602) 771-8542
  Tracey Carpenter, Hydrologist (602) 771-8546
  Tito Comparan, Hydrologist (602) 771-8547
  Christopher A. Jones, Hydrologist (602) 771-8592
  Kym Luttermoser (602) 771-8660
  Joel Klein (602) 771-8410
  Diane Kusel (602) 771-8532
  Shannon Reif (602) 771-8517


Planning, Conservation and Data Management Section


This program deals with issues related to water sustainability and use efficiency that are common within Active Management Areas, as well as statewide. The Community Water Planning, Drought, and Conservation Programs are also included in this section. These programs coordinate Arizona’s drought management planning through drought monitoring and the formation of local area assessment and impact groups, and promote water conservation through a statewide strategy of education, outreach and technology transfer.


  Lisa Williams, Manager (602) 771-8603
  Einav Henenson (602) 771-8607
  Pam Muse (602) 771-8596
  Daniel Fielder (602) 771-4584
Engineering and Permits Division
  Peggy Beckett, Administrative Assistant (602) 771-8649
The Engineering and Permits Division allocates the right to use surface water resources in a fair and equitable manner; provides technical and administrative support to the adjudication court and Special Master; oversees safety of all nonfederal dams in Arizona; manages the statewide flood warning system; and assists communities that participate in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

For information or assistance please call (602) 771-8649.

  Toll free number for public inquires related to New Use Summons and Filing of Claims

Groundwater Permitting and Wells Section


This section includes Notice of Intent permitting, groundwater permitting and conveyances, general industrial permitting, compliance with well construction standards, well driller licensing, water quality and customer outreach.


  Stella Murillo, Manager (602) 771-8594
  Michael Ball (602) 771-8640
  David Christiana (602) 771-8548
  Kevin Crego (602) 771-8609
  Susan Montoya (602) 771-8636
  Gloria Tapia (602) 771-8613
  Paul Alder (602) 771-0369
  Jake Nelson (602) 771-8427
  Torren Valdez (602) 771-8614
Hydrology/Water Resource Investigations
(602) 771-8535
  Frank Corkhill, Assistant Director & Chief Hydrologist
  LaVonne Cain, Administrative Assistant (602) 771-4566
The Hydrology/Water Resource Investigation Division provides technical support and services to the Department in the areas of groundwater data collection, groundwater modeling and regional water planning. Information on the various sections and online data can be found at the following locations on the ADWR website:
Groundwater Data and Wells:
  Wells 55  
Groundwater Modeling:
  ADWR Models  
Field Services:
  Basic Data  
  Hydrology Map Series Reports  
Regional Planning:
  Water Atlas  
  Rural Watershed Alliance  
  Statewide Planning  
Arizona Water Banking Authority
Virginia O’Connell, Manager (602) 771-8491
Terri Sue Rossi (602) 771-8670
Tim Henley, Consultant (602) 771-8488
Arizona Water Banking Authority Web site
Arizona Water Protection Fund
(602) 771-8528
Stefanie Smallhouse, Executive Director (602) 771-8525
Arizona Water Protection Fund Web Site