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Special Well Construction Requirements

Special well construction requirements may apply to any proposed well to be drilled or modified when special aquifer conditions exist, such as a well within or near a remedial action site.  Arizona minimum well construction standards sometimes are not protective of the aquifer when there is groundwater contamination nearby.  To be protective of the aquifer from existing contamination or potential contamination, special well construction requirements are employed to eliminate vertical cross-contamination within an aquifer or between aquifers and minimize the potential migration of a contaminant plume resulting new groundwater withdrawals.

Site-specific special well construction requirements have been developed for several remedial action sites in Arizona, and can be downloaded below.  Please check this page before filing a Notice of Intent to drill a well or when drilling in or near a remedial action site.


Special Requirements at Remedial Action Sites Documents


rain drop  Special Well Drilling Requirements (For Wells Located Within Areas of Ground Water Contamination)

    finalized November 1, 2002

rain drop  Special Well Construction and Abandonment Procedure for Pinal Creek

    Water Quality Assurance Revolving Fund Site finalized March 30, 2007

rain drop  Special Well Construction and Abandonment Procedure for Yuma Marine Air Corps Station

    CERCLA Site finalized October 2002


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