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The Recharge Unit of the Hydrology Division provides support for several ADWR programs in the form of technical hydrologic reviews of applications.  Hydrologic expertise is also provided to special projects that the Department has been tasked with.

City of Tucson - Sweetwater Recharge Facility
City of Tucson - Sweetwater Recharge Facility
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Learn more about ADWR’s Recharge Program:

The Recharge Program

Recharge is a means of storing excess water supplies so that they may be used in the future. Artificial recharge is an increasingly important tool in the management of Arizona’s water supplies, particularly in meeting the goals of the 1980 Groundwater Management Code. Storing water underground to ensure an adequate supply for the purpose of satisfying current and future needs is both practical and cost-effective in our desert environment.

Recharge Program Technical Support

The Underground Water Storage and Recovery Program relies on the Recharge Unit to review Underground Storage Facilities (USF) and recharge recovery well applications for technical correctness. These reviews include all hydrologic aspects of an application such as the area of impact modeling, mounding analysis, regional and local geology, infiltration rates and recharge methodology. A project’s or well’s impact on regional water levels and water quality as well as the hydrologic monitoring proposed by the applicant are closely scrutinized as part of the review process. The Recharge Unit writes the USF and recovery well permits and reviews all quarterly and annual reporting submitted to ADWR as required by those permits. Unit staff also performs pre-recharge inspections of facilities in order to ensure consistency with their permit. The Unit also provides support in the development and drafting of Recharge Program policies.

  Arizona Water Protection Fund Technical Support                                                                             

The Recharge Unit reviews the hydrologic aspects of all applications submitted to the Arizona Water Protection Fund.  The Unit evaluates the appropriateness of the proposed methodology and monitoring, potential impacts to groundwater and surface water in the project area, relationship of proposed project to any known contamination sites and the possibility of impacting those sites, and provides input regarding any further hydrologic aspects that could affect a particular grant award.

Special Projects

The Unit is also involved with many special projects within ADWR. The tasks include the development of Hydrologic Map Series reports, technical support of the Drought Task Force, involvement with the Statewide Monitoring Task Force, and miscellaneous projects such as an investigation of the effects of the 2004-2005 winter flood on water levels within the Phoenix AMA.


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