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Upper San Pedro Regional Model

Upper San Pedro Model History and Timeline

The Upper San Pedro MODFLOW model development began in the early 1990's. Previous to the early 1990's, Freethey (1982) developed a 2D USGS Trescott groundwater model within the Upper San Pedro (USP) basin (Mexico to Fairbank). Freethey's model laid the conceptual framework for much of the future USP modeling effort.

In 1992 Vionet and Maddock developed a MODFLOW model of the USP followed by the 1996 release of the ADWR model and associated scenarios representative of 1940-1990. Since the 1996 ADWR model release, two additional models representative of the USP were completed (2000 & 2007). The most recent MODFLOW model for the USP was developed by the USGS Pool and Dickinson (SIR 2006-5228) (2007).

Upper San Pedro Model Location

Tucson Model Location within Phoenix
       USP Model Map


The Upper San Pedro (USP) model encompasses approximately 704 square miles. [2.3 MB pdf] Adobe File

Upper San Pedro Model Datasets

  • Model Files Referenced in ADWR Modeling Report 10
    • 1940 ADWR Calibrated Steady-State USP Model MODFLOW-88 Datasets [45KB zip]
    • 1941 to 1990 ADWR Calibrated Transient USP Model MODFLOW-88 Datasets [223KB zip]

Upper San Pedro Model Reports and Documents

  • A Groundwater Flow Model of the Sierra Vista Subwatershed of the Upper San Pedro Basin - Southeastern Arizona. Corell et al. Modeling Report No. 10 (December, 1996) [38MB pdf] Adobe File
  • Groundwater Flow Model Scenarios of Future Groundwater and Surface Water Conditions: Sierra Vista Subwatershed of the Upper San Pedro Basin - Southeastern Arizona. Steve Corell. Modeling Report No. 10B (1996) [1.5MB pdf] Adobe File



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