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Groundwater and Land Subsidence Information

Groundwater Information


GWSI Interactive Map


ADWR is the State Agency responsible for managing and allocating the State's groundwater supplies.  This is accomplished through data collection, data management, and data analysis, resulting in groundwater policies and management for the entire State, including Active Management Areas and rural groundwater basins of the State.

ADWR has developed interactive maps and simple search wizard of ADWR's entire Groundwater Site Inventory database (GWSI) and Wells Registry database including automated sites and index wells. The interactive map can be used to identify groundwater levels and well information as well as to create custom hydrographs and locate wells around the State.

ADWR's Groundwater Modeling Unit of the Hydrology Division is responsible for building, calibrating, and updating groundwater flow models for the Active Management Areas as well as other areas around the State.  groundwater modeling allows water resource planners to make long-term management decisions based on the potential impacts of future water uses on the state’s groundwater resources.


Land Subsidence Information

Arizona Land Subsidence Interactive Map

Active Land Subsidence Areas in Arizona

Identified by ADWR


Land subsidence has been occurring across Arizona since the early 1900's. Millions of people live in active land subsidence areas around the United States and are unaware. Most of the time, there is no clear and identifiable sign that land subsidence has occurred in an area. Areas in Maricopa and Pinal Counties have subsided more than eighteen feet since the early 1900's.

ADWR is the State Agency responsible for identifying and monitoring active land subsidence areas around the State.  ADWR is the only State Agency in the Country that has developed and made available to the public land subsidence maps for the active subsidence features identified by ADWR.  ADWR is also the only State Agency that has developed and collected extensive Statewide satellite data using Synthetic Aperture Radar to identify and monitor these land subsidence areas.

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