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Elfrida Land Subsidence Feature

Elfrida Land Subsidence Feature

The Elfrida land subsidence feature is located in Southeastern Cochise County.  The town of Elfrida are located within the Bowie/San Simon land subsidence feature along with unincoporated State Trust, Bureau of Land Management, and private lands.


Land Subsidence Rate Maps:

The land subsidence rate maps show the rate of land subsidence per year (cm/yr).  These maps are used to illustrate any changes in land subsidence rates over time.  All the land subsidence rate maps utlize the same color scale.

JAN-1996 to DEC-1996pdf JAN-2009 to JAN-2010pdf  MAR-2013 to MAR-2014pdf
FEB-2014 to APR-2015pdf APR-2015 to APR-2016pdf  

Land Subsidence Maps:

The land subsidence maps show the total land subsidence (cm) over a specific period of time (1-year, 2-year, 4-year, etc).  All the land subsidence maps utlize the same color scale.

NOV-1992 to NOV-1993pdf JAN-1996 to DEC-1996pdf DEC-2006 to FEB-2011pdf
MAY-2008 to MAY-2009pdf  JAN-2009 to JAN-2010pdf  MAR-2010 to FEB-2011pdf
MAR-2011 to MAR-2012pdf MAY-2010 to MAR-2012pdf APR-2011 to MAR-2013pdf
MAR-2012 to MAR-2013pdf MAY-2010 to MAR-2013pdf MAR-2012 to MAR-2014pdf
MAR-2013 to MAR-2014pdf MAY-2010 to MAR-2014pdf FEB-2014 to APR-2015pdf
MAR-2013 to APR-2015pdf MAY-2010 to APR-2015pdf DEC-2006 to APR-2015pdf
MAR-2014 to APR-2016pdf APR-2015 to APR-2016pdf MAY-2010 to APR-2016pdf
APR-2015 to APR-2017pdf FEB-2016 to APR-2017pdf MAY-2010 to APR-2017pdf




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